About Us

Here at Right & Free, we are about one thing, and one thing only: the preservation of what makes America great.

We are conservatives. We are libertarians. We are Reaganites. We are patriots. We are mothers, fathers, young, old, black, white, and everything in between.

But above all else, we are Americans.

We believe steadfastly in our Founding Fathers’ vision of a land where the government serves the people, not the other way around. We believe that “We the People” are in control.

And most importantly, we believe that if freedom and prosperity are to be protected, we must fight for them!

We fight for smaller government at every turn, because ingenuity and innovation thrive in a free society.

We fight for lower taxes and less government spending, because “We the People” know how to handle our money better than wasteful, corrupt federal bureaucrats.

We fight for a free market, because as long as America remains a land of opportunity, the world has hope for a brighter future.

And we fight for a secure America, because, as Ronald Reagan once said, America is a shining city on a hill - but it is a city that must be defended from the forces of oppression and evil that threaten it every day.

With each passing day, the fight goes on, and the banner of freedom advances. With the help of patriots just like you all across America, our voice grows louder, and our cause grows stronger.

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