Obama Pledges to "Experiment" on the Economy

Posted on September 10, 2012

It's finally over and the Democrat National Convention will go down in history as one of the most ridiculous left-wing political events in American history. Fortunately, for Barack Obama a vast majority of Americans had better things to do than watch a bunch of out-of-touch socialist goofballs argue over whether their platform should stab Israel in the back, ban God and convey celebrity-hood on a 30 year old "law student" whose only claim to fame is demanding that the American people pay for her birth control.

However, approximately thirty seven million Americans did tune in to watch the President's speech and hear what Mr. Obama proposed to do in his second term, should there be one.

Of course there was the traditional Obama ridiculousness about how the small segment of people who pay 70% of all income taxes are not paying their fair share and how everything that has gone wrong over the past three and a half years is someone else's fault.

What was somewhat new, or at least surprising, was Obama's pronouncement that the government should perform "bold, persistent experimentation" on the nation's economy. That seems like a not-so-veiled threat to return to the manic days of the first two years of his Presidency when Obama "experimented" with nationalizing General Motors, seizing control over the student loan industry and ruining the best health care system in the world.

The last thing the American people want is for the politicians in Washington to perform any more of their "experiments." We've had enough. Every single one of Mr. Obama's grand schemes has caused more economic misery for the American people. Enough already.

It seems to us that Obama's promise/threat might be an excellent way to remind the American people of the horrors of 2009 and 2010 that resulted in the Republican landslide in the mid-term elections.

Hopefully someone in the Romney for President Headquarters thinks so too.