Will Paul Ryan Rally Conservatives for Romney?

Posted on August 22, 2012

The conservative political grassroots is angry, ticked off and exasperated. Up until a week ago here at Right and Free we had serious questions about whether Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney could rally limited-government tea party types. After all, Romney wasn't exactly a slash-the-budget conservative when he served as Massachusetts governor. How could the author of "Romneycare" earn the trust of grassroots conservatives? Well Mr. Romney may have pulled a rabbit out of the proverbial hat. And that rabbit's the name is Paul Ryan.

To many pro-freedom voters, Ryan is the rarest of breeds -- A daring politician who seems to understand that our nation's dire fiscal situation requires bold reforms. He's knowledgeable about the federal budget and looks and sounds good on TV. For the first time in this election, Mitt Romey's campaign has real excitement and enthusiasm behind it.

Right and Free's supporters are optimistic. More optimistic about the Republican Party's commitment to reining in the size and scope of government than they've been in a long time.

That optimism has its limits, however.

Conservatives are rightfully wary of "falling in love" with any GOP candidate. After all, how many times have conservative activists been down this road only to have their hopes crushed by Republican pols who use every excuse imaginable to avoid cutting federal spending?

The job of the Romney-Ryan team therefore, must be to keep the faith with the majority of America that views itself as politically conservative. In 21st century American politics today's enthusiasm could very easily be transformed into extreme indifference. Our advice to the Republicans? Be brave, bold and consistent in your drive to reduce the size of government – both during the campaign and beyond.