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3 years ago

U.S. Women's Soccer Player Disgraces Herself on the World Stage

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You would think that the grit and determination it takes to become one of the best women soccer players in the world would've given U.S. team player Megan Rapinoe a spine of steel.

You'd be wrong.

Time and again, Rapinoe has proven herself to be the meltiest of snowflakes. 

And now she's a national disgrace.

As you may know, the Women's World Cup is currently underway in France. The U.S. team is the defending champion and they took to the pitch yesterday for their first match. They soundly trounced their opponent, Thailand, in a 13-0 spectacle

The team is taking some heat for what many perceive as "over celebrating" each of its thirteen goals. Thailand's players were understandably upset to be on the receiving end of such a defeat, but you can hardly blame the U.S. women for being excited over their victory.

You can, however, blame Megan Rapinoe for taking her tired, anti-American schtick overseas and putting it out there for all the world to see before yesterday's match.

While her teammates proudly put hand to heart and sang along with the National Anthem, Rapinoe stood grim-faced and refused to pay homage to her country. Oh, she'll wear their uniform, all right, and reap the rewards of being associated with the U.S. women's team, but respect the flag? Heck no. Not her. She's a big shot SJW (in her own mind).

The case could be made that Rapinoe is more well-known for her unpatriotic antics than for her athletic prowess. She is a Colin Kaepernick wannabe who mistakenly believes she is raising some kind of LGBTQ awareness by refusing to sing the National Anthem before games. She is a very poor role model for the young girls and boys who look up to sports figures.

It's kind of hard to feel sorry for someone in Rapinoe's position. She's living a pretty good life off the opportunities afforded to her by being a citizen of the United States. Her sexual orientation certainly hasn't held her back from reaching the highest echelons of women's sport. She's reached a level of success that most can only dream of -- especially women in other countries who would pay dire consequences for coming out as a lesbian.

And how does she repay her country for the honor of representing them on the international field of play? She stands there, snidely ... in another country ... and sulks her way through the playing of our national anthem.

What the permanently disgruntled Rapinoe doesn't seem to get is that respect goes both ways. She wants us to pay attention to her ridiculous "protest"? Cool, we'll do that when she shows she's worthy of wearing the uniform of our national team.

Rapinoe should ask the Dixie Chicks how well it works out when you go abroad and trash your country. 

Last updated: June 12th, 2019 at 09:06 am