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3 years ago

If You're Keeping Score, Virginia Democrats Just Added a Convicted Predator to Their Ranks

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What a year it's been for the Democrat Party of Virginia!

First, Gov. Ralph Northam was outed as having worn blackface at a party while in medical school -- an image of which was captured for posterity by the school yearbook. Behavior unbecoming of a future doctor and, one would think, a future governor. A cavalcade of Democrats and liberal activists decried the photo and rightly called on Northam to resign. Five months later and Gov. "Coonman" is still occupying the governor's mansion in Richmond.

Hot on the heels of Northam's disgrace came Democrat Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax's own dirty little secret -- accusations of a sexual assault dating all the way back to 2000. The outcry from Democrats was much less forceful this time. They were fine losing Northam because Fairfax would simply swoop in to take his place, ensuring that their liberal agenda would still have its champion. Fairfax opted to re-victimize his accuser by refusing to take blame and, just like Northam, has stayed put, eyes firmly on the commonwealth's top spot in 2021.

Not to be left out, Attorney General Mark Herring had his own little blackface incident. Turns out, the man third in line to the governorship tricked himself out in blackface when dressing up as a rapper for a costume party back in the 1980s. Democrats didn't dare call for his ouster because that could mean a Republican assuming the role of governor. 

Achieving and retaining power is the name of the game; accountability and integrity mean nothing to this crew of miscreants.

And, now, Virginia Democrats have given us Joe Morrissey, a man who spent six months in jail for having sex with a minor. Morrissey, just this week, picked up his party's nomination in the commonwealth's 16th Senate District. Per the Daily Wire:

Joe Morrissey defeated incumbent state Sen. Rosalyn Dance by 14 points Tuesday night. Morrissey, now 61, was in his 50's when he was accused of having sex with his 17-year-old secretary, to whom he is now married. He claimed he did nothing wrong, but pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor in 2015 while admitting there was enough evidence to convict him. (This often happens to innocent and guilty defendants alike, they plead to a lesser crime to avoid worse consequences in front of a jury for a larger crime.) 

Nothing to see here, folks. Move along.

Fox News notes that Morrissey "is posed to easily cruise to victory as the seat has long been held by Democrats and is considered a safe seat."

So, if you're keeping score at home, things look like this:

Miscreant Democrats: 4
Accountability: 0

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