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3 years ago

Dan Crenshaw Crushes Democrats on Twitter... Again

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Rep. Dan Crenshaw never fails to disappoint in taking his frequent, cutting, and accurate shots at Democrats via social media. Among Republicans he may be the most adept at using the tools of the millennials to make statements. From appearing on Saturday Night Live (against the ill-informed objections of some conservative bloggers) to using Twitter and Instagram and interacting with podcast and YouTube stars, Crenshaw is shaping up as a master of messaging.

Sometimes his burns are understated, but that only shows how adept he actually is, knowing not only what to comment on, and when to do it, but whether hair should be on fire or not at any given time. 

The Democrats have been under fire for their more open embrace of open borders, an idea wildly unpopular with American voters, and have even faced slightly tougher questioning from the mainstream press about it. And this week they've made more than a few blunders.

They seem to think their census victory was a victory. It wasn't

They thought that they'd clean up at the House hearing with former ICE director Thomas Homan. They didn't

The truth is that while Americans are dismayed or even appalled by alleged intolerable conditions at border detention facilities, it hasn't moved the needle on open borders. That's why Crenshaw's tweet here is perfect, and perfectly timed.

Democrats in the first debate argued for all of those things, and all of those things add up to open borders. Crenshaw summarized views Democrats cannot argue that they hold, in fact they are currently bragging about them in hearings on Capitol Hill, he asked the question, to which we know the answer, of whether or not this is what you, Average American, believe in, then correctly noted that most do not. And he did it all without saying the words "open borders."

They can object to that phrase, or call it fear-mongering, and try to diminish arguments against them. But Crenshaw didn't have to say it. People know it. He knows they know it. That's what makes him so good at this.

No serious, really, really good, y'all.

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