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According to President Donald Trump's supporters, the President was failed by multiple chiefs of staff, his first attorney general and now his second. He is, even now, being failed by his lawyers.

The Trump-controlled Department of Justice and Trump-controlled FBI are both in on stealing the election from their boss, possibly along with the CIA, and now Fox News, which made an accurate call of Arizona that hurt feelings by coming too soon.

The Republican governors of Georgia and Arizona and the Republican legislators of Georgia, Arizona, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin are in on picking the voting machines that stole the election and will do nothing to stop it.

The Republican Party in Georgia is unable to get the Republican governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state or attorney general to act or do the President's bidding, so they all must be in cahoots with Stacey Abrams, whom they all dislike.

Results from Dominion Voting Systems machines handed the vote to Donald Trump in 12 of 14 counties where they were used in Pennsylvania. Nonetheless, Dominion was in on the act of stealing the election there and elsewhere.

The paper ballot votes in Georgia aligned with the Dominion Voter Systems machine count. Somehow, however, that is also proof the voting machines stole the election. The lawsuits being filed by President Trump's team are all being tossed from court, often by the judges the President himself picked. The lawyers have failed him. So have his judges and courts.

Maybe it is all a grand conspiracy, or maybe the man who said he hired the best people didn't, and that ultimately means that he's not actually very good at picking the right people. But wait, there's more.

For the sake of argument, let's suppose that Attorney General William Barr, who previously served as attorney general for George H. W. Bush, is actually a highly competent individual, and John Durham is, too.

Both have been unable to deliver results that would expose the "deep state" conspiracy against the President. There is no evidence of a conspiracy that involved the DOJ, FBI and CIA stealing the election with the help of Republican governors and legislators from the President who presides over those organizations.

Meanwhile, the "deep state" is able to steal the presidential election, but the GOP gained everywhere else. The "deep state" could not even take state legislative seats from the GOP, which will allow them to redistrict Democrats out of power in two years. The "deep staters" had every major polling firm in America show a Democratic blowout and did not align their theft of the election with what the polls showed and what everyone expected.

Maybe there is no conspiracy. There is no theft of the election. The President hired highly competent people, but it is he who is the problem, not them. He had a terrible debate performance. He mishandled the response to the virus. Voters got exhausted and wanted to not have to constantly check his tweets.

It is, however, far more exciting to double down on the lies and blame everyone else, from the Trump-appointed attorney general; to the Trump-appointed FBI director; to the Trump-appointed CIA director; to various Trump-endorsed governors; to the GOP establishment; to corporate America; The Carlyle Group; the Rothschilds; the Russians; and the Chinese; along with Fox News, an organization that spent four years letting the President have nearly uninterrupted air time.

It really is remarkable how everyone always fails President Trump in the end. From Jeff Sessions; to John Kelly; to Mick Mulvaney; to General James Mattis; to William Barr; to John Durham; to Brian Kemp; to Doug Ducey; the list goes on and on. All these people just fail or betray the President, allegedly. When the failures are so complete and so thorough and so widespread among people he chose, hired or endorsed, I just suspect that maybe they are not the ones failing.

Or, who knows, maybe the "deep state" stole the election and, if so, using the same machines in four years, good luck running Trump again.

Last updated: December 4th, 2020 at 00:12 am

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