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1 month ago

How Democrat Voters Became Blind to Facts

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Voters becoming increasingly confused over false narratives spun by liberal news outlets.

Last week, The New York Times shined the light on a disturbing trend amongst liberal Democrat voters and the news programming they tune into. 

The “woke” progressive agenda being pushed by modern Democrats is being amplified by left-leaning news outlets like CNN and MSNBC, while factual evidence from moderate or conservative counterparts are typically dismissed as false, or simply ignored. 

Co-editor of The Liberal Patriot, Ruy Teixeira explained in an email to the Times,

“The current Democratic brand suffers from multiple deficiencies that make it somewhere between uncompelling and toxic to wide swaths of American voters who might potentially be their allies.”

Teixeira continued, 

“The cultural left has managed to associate the Democratic Party with a series of views on crime, immigration, policing, free speech and, of course, race and gender that are quite far from those of the median voter. That’s a success for the cultural left, but the hard reality is that it’s an electoral liability for the Democratic Party.”

Many Democrats have fallen victim to what Teixeira calls the “Fox News Fallacy.”

Teixeira explained further,

“This is the idea — If Fox News criticizes the Democrats for X, then there must be absolutely nothing to X, and the job of Democrats is to assert that loudly and often.”

“Take the issue of crime,” Teixeira wrote. “Initially dismissed as being vastly exaggerated by Fox News and the like for nefarious purposes, it is now apparent that the spike in violent crime is quite real and that voters are very, very concerned about it.”

What Teixeira has pointed out is that liberal democrat voters turn a blind eye to any facts presented by conservative leaning news sources, and often will believe the opposite of the truth. 

This group of voters has been conditioned to not only believe, but actually seek out propaganda from sources like CNN and press secretary Jen Psaki. 


Democrats who embrace the “Fox News Fallacy” are inclined to believe everything they think is true, and every opposing view is incorrect even when presented with hard evidence. 

Their attention has become hyper-focused on race division and sexualizing children, yet are unable to define what a woman is as they completely ignore science and biology. 

This way of thinking is a big mistake and it blinds Democrats to any real problems that are emerging. The propaganda they follow gets them worked up and enraged over issues that are not real, which is terrific for media ratings. 

The “Fox News Fallacy” has become a generic response to conservative talking points. 

Liberals base many of their opinions and arguments on emotion-based fake-narratives, leaving them unable to logically debate ideas with factual counterpoints. Essentially, liberals will ignore or deny the truth if they don’t like who it came from.


Crime is a major example of this fallacy. Liberals typically dismiss crime and claim it is vastly exaggerated by conservative news outlets like Fox News for nefarious purposes. However, statistical data makes it apparent that the spike in violent crime is quite real and voters are very concerned about it.

According to recent data, more Americans overall now believe violent crime is a major crisis and is a bigger issue than what left-leaning sources will admit. 

Many mainstream outlets like CNN don’t just ignore violence — They intentionally paint a false narrative by doing things like calling deadly, destructive riots “peaceful protests,” and will ignore covering certain crimes depending on the skin color of the assailant. 

Surprisingly, the majority of even Democrats now believe that violent crime is a major crisis, but you wouldn’t know this because only the most radical opinions are broadcast in the news. 

Concerns are sky-high among black voters (70% say crime is a major crisis), yet the media continues to cover for those who are committing the crimes, while also denying anything bad is actually occurring.


The left-leaning media continues to downplay this issue, and so does the Biden Administration. They are either out of touch with the real world, or are deliberately trying to pull the wool over their voters’ eyes. They are actively silencing opposition so only their narrative will be heard, no matter how true or false it is. 

Many voters elected Biden because they sought a return to “normalcy” after Trump’s successful first term because they were afraid of “mean tweets” and did not like his approach of actually fixing issues rather than blaming every world problem on racism.

Rather than steering a moderate course, Biden’s puppeteers have driven him to become an ultra progressive “woke” president, rather than a real leader who works for the American peoples' best interests.


On another major issue for American voters, Biden’s approval rating on immigration stands at 37 percent approval / 52 percent disapproval (30 approval / 54 disapproval among independents). 

Public opinion polling over the years has consistently shown overwhelming majorities in favor of more emphasis on border security, yet the Biden administration and sympathetic news outlets deny there are any issues at the southern border, or outright lie about the current situation. 

The Biden Administration is happy with millions of illegal immigrants flooding into our country, while the majority of American people stand against this ludicrous policy.

Another issue covered by conservative news outlets is Critical Race Theory, or CRT. It is a real problem Democrats need to address, but they continue to deny its existence, until it is threatened to be removed. 

There are serious concerns about the racial division CRT is causing amongst young children and society as a whole, but these concerns are rarely aired by liberal leaning outlets like CNN. 

As a result, liberal Democrats become confused by the misinformation they are force-fed, but rattle off the fake narratives anyway, leading more rising tension between parties and driving more voters away from the left.

People who identified as Republican held especially negative opinions on CRT — 85 percent termed their views “very unfavorable.” The same was true for 71 percent of independents, which is the group who is key to Democrat victories.


There is widespread pessimism on the left end of the political spectrum for the coming elections. Progressive liberals have taken the Democrat party so far to the extreme left, that average center-leaning voters no longer want anything to do with their disturbing agenda.

A senior fellow at the Brookins Institute, Isabel Sawhill, told the Times,

“Democrats face an uphill battle in both 2022 and 2024 … First, the white working class that used to vote Democratic no longer does.”

Sawhill studied this group of working class voters in 2018. She noted this segment of voters had negative attitudes toward topics like big government and over-extended social welfare programs, while holding strong values for ethics, personal responsibility and the importance of family and religion — Things often ignored, or looked down upon by progressive liberals and their chosen media outlets.

Political scientist Sean Westwood has been highly critical of the current Democratic Party. He expressed,

“Misguided focus on unpopular social policies are driving voters away from the Democratic Party and are mobilizing Republicans.”

Westwood continued,

“Democrats used to be the party of the working class, but today they are instead seen as a party defined by ostensibly legalizing property crime, crippling the police and injecting social justice into math classes.”

“It is no surprise that this doesn’t connect with a working family struggling to pay for surging grocery bills. By abandoning their core brand, even Democrats who oppose defunding the police are burdened by the party’s commitment to unpopular social policy.”

Normal voters don’t think Biden and the Democrats are focused on the issues that matter most to them, yet the liberal leaning media continues pushing false-narratives and ignoring real pressing issues.

What we can be sure of is that the Democrats can’t go on forever with this much of a gap between normal voters and progressive activists. Most voters think the government should stand for what the majority of Americans think, rather than continuing catering to the small percent of radical extremists on the left.

Conservative voters traditionally like to live a life of fact-based reality and avoid the progressive propaganda spewing from sources like CNN, MSNBC, and the White House. 

Conservative voters aren’t interested in the fake-news narratives that ultra-liberal outlets try to push — These right-leaning voters are more concerned with things that actually affect everyday life, like the economy, and the freedom and safety of their families.


Voters are finally becoming more aware of the collusion between the mainstream media and the Biden Administration. They can suppress facts and push lies for now — But people are catching on to the overt deception. 

It’s too late now for the Biden Administration and the mainstream media to come clean, they have dug themselves in too deeply and must hope there are enough willfully ignorant or misinformed voters still left, because dishonesty is the only way they can win at this point. 

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