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3 weeks ago

Washington D.C. Mass Shooting Suspect Found Dead

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Over 100 rounds fired in Washington D.C.

Police on Saturday officially identified 23 year-old Raymond Spencer of Fairfax, Virginia, as the suspected gunman in the Washington D.C. shooting this week.

Initial calls for help came in on Friday around 3:20 pm to report an active shooter near the Edmund Burke School in the Van Ness neighborhood near Howard University.

Three adults and one minor were injured during the gunfire. The gunman fired over 100 rounds from an apartment window with no specific target, which forced residents to shelter-in-place and an immediate lockdown of schools and businesses in the area.

“It appears this person was shooting randomly at anyone who was out there,” Metro Police Chief Robert Contee III said, recalling the Beltway Sniper attacks in 2002 that killed 10 people.

The four victims include a retired D.C. policeman working as a part-time security guard at the Edmund Burke School, two adult women, and one 12 year-old female child. One of the injured women was sitting outside of the school in her vehicle waiting to pick her child up when she was struck by a bullet.

Metropolitan Police Department Assistant Chief Stuart Emerman said the victims were taken to a hospital for treatment. Police also confirmed they had evacuated several establishments in the area. 


Responding officers had determined the shots were fired from the fifth floor of a nearby apartment building where Police recovered six firearms and many remaining rounds of ammunition.

“We believe the suspect took his own life as MPD officers were entering or breaching the apartment where the suspect was located,” Metro Police Chief Contee said.

“This was very much a sniper-type setup with a tripod, and this person, obviously, his intent was to kill and hurt members of our community,” Contee said.

The apartment that police are describing as a “sniper’s nest” overlooks the Edmund Burke School. The shooting occurred during the prep school’s afternoon dismissal. 

“There are probably going to be a lot of bullet holes we’re going to find,” MPD Chief Contee said. 

“We were flabbergasted when we learned that Spencer lived, fired from and died on the same floor as us and our friends,” a neighbor said.


Police have not developed a motive for the shooting but it appeared the suspected gunman engaged with Wikipedia pages related to the recent subway attack in New York City and a 2018 school shooting in Florida.

Raymond Spencer allegedly updated the Wikipedia page for the Edmund Burke School, a prep school across from the apartment building where the sniper’s nest was located, writing, “A gunman shot at the school on April 22, 2022. The suspect is still at large,” the Washington Post reported.

On a separate online forum called 4chan, a user identifying as Raymond Spencer posted four minutes after the reported shooting started, “Dear God please forgive me.”

Later Raymond wrote, “Waiting for police to catch up with me … They’re in the wrong part of the building right now searching.”

The suspect also appeared to have live-streamed the shooting on social media, police said. 

“I just think it speaks to the depravity of some of the individuals that we deal with out here. Someone who would do something like this, I really don’t have a lot of words for it,” Chief Contee said.

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