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3 months ago

Biden's New 'Disinformation Expert' Is A Left-Wing Lunatic

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The boot of censorship is becoming increasingly powerful.

Shortly after Elon Musk announced his plan to purchase Twitter and convert it into a free speech platform, the Biden Administration announced the formation of their “Disinformation Governance Board,” similar to George Orwell’s “Thought Police” in the dystopian novel 1984, which was written to warn us of situations exactly like this. 

Rather than heeding the warning handed down by Orwell’s allegory, the White House is instead taking notes and is apparently using the fictional novel as a guidebook, leaving some to wonder if they are simply ignorant of the consequences of their behavior — Or worse — Are exactly aware of what they are doing and are set on destroying our way of life in order to rebuild society based on their “New World Order” fantasy. 


The woman appointed as Chief of the “Thought Police” is “disinformation expert” Nina Jankowicz. She is an insane “woke” leftist who has openly spread disinformation and denied facts and truth. 

Truth is not the goal for this organization. Their objective is to have absolute control over the flow of information in order to create false narratives for uninformed citizens to vote based upon — Essentially allowing the Democratic party to manipulate election results via spreading false information and censoring the truth.

The Democratic Party understands they cannot win fairly. They can only be successful if they control the flow of information. Their ideology has become so bizarre and harmful that they would never win another state or federal election if voters knew their true intentions. 


In 2020, “disinformation expert” Nina Jankowicz denied the Hunter Biden “laptop from hell” story and dismissed it as a Russian hoax by singing a homemade Broadway-themed tune into a camera to express her opinion on the matter.

The Hunter Biden laptop story was first published by the New York Post in 2020, but was censored and scrubbed from social media until 2022. Joe Biden himself claimed that 51 intelligence professionals verified it was “Russian collusion.”

The general public was prevented from accessing this story and anyone who posted it on social media sites was banned from the platforms by "fact checkers."

Since then, the story has been proven to be 100% true. Polling data shows that if voters knew of this story that proves the Biden family's years of corruption, 16% less people would have voted for Biden, which would have meant a solid victory for Trump.

Our new “Thought Police” chief stood firm on the “Russian collusion” hoax claiming that Trump worked with Russian agents to win the 2016 election. Jankowicz also claimed Trump supporters were planning to show up to the voting polls heavily armed with weapons to intimidate voters and sway the election.

The completely fabricated "Russian collusion" hoax has been proven to be absolutely false after several years and millions of taxpayer dollars were spent on the investigation. As we now know, this story was illegally generated by Hillary Clinton’s campaign and her nefarious partners in crime.


Information during the Coronavirus pandemic was heavily censored on the behest of our government. Anyone who spoke out against the government’s set narrative was fact-checked or banned from posting on mainstream social media pages, including medical doctors such as Dr. Robert Malone who helped create the mRNA technology used in most COVID-19 vaccines.

A large proportion of the information our government officials told us was fact, later turned out to be disproven. The vaccines were not ever 100% safe and effective, nor did they prevent viral spread. 

Depending on Dr. Fauci’s mood, the “facts” of masking effectiveness flip-flopped several times whenever it best suited the controlled narrative. At one point early on, Tony the fraudster told us masks were not effective. Fauci later told the American people he directly lied to their faces, and expected us to trust his advice that masks had become effective again despite any lack of evidence. 

More recently, the CDC admitted that cloth masking was not only ineffective, but potentially harmful (especially for childhood development), and that masking made nearly zero difference in the spreading of the virus, even though they want to continue masking in schools. Government approved lies that were spread during the pandemic very likely created much more harm and death than it did to help the situation.

Currently, the Biden Administration is controlling information flowing out of the Ukraine / Russia conflict. The Biden family’s history of corruption in Ukraine has been nearly muted by mainstream sources, and little mention of Western intentions to expand NATO toward the Russian border (which Putin has been very vocally opposed to since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, and is perhaps the main reason the conflict in Ukraine began). 


Videos of “disinformation expert” Nina Jankowicz have surfaced and they are quite disturbing. In one video, she is seen singing a Broadway-style tune pushing the Russian collusion hoax. In another video, she is seen singing to the crowd asking who she needs to sleep with to gain money and power. 

Another video shows her singing directly into the camera saying she has gone insane and wanted to poison the water supply. 

She seems extremely enthusiastic to be in charge of controlling the flow of information and having a government issued monopoly on the spread of disinformation and lies, which is a very disturbing prospect. Jankowicz must see this new position as a grift to become rich and powerful, as she previously admitted to desiring.

The new dystopian propagandist use of the term “disinformation” to justify the use of authoritarian thought control should horrify most Americans.


What other narratives does the Biden administration plan to peddle with their new anti-free speech “Minister of Truth?" And why is this organization being formed only days after the announcement of Musk's plan to turn Twitter into a free speech platform? 

What other disinformation does this newly formed organization plan to spread? And what other information do they intend to hide from us?

Has there ever been a point in history where the people who demanded censorship, segregation and propaganda were the good guys?

The creation of this truth committee would surely make Gobbels happy. Without doubt, his infamous points of propaganda will be utilized by our new truth ministry, as they were by Fauci and our government health organizations during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Speech censorship goes directly against our First Amendment, which is perhaps the most important principle our country was founded upon. Anyone demanding removal or censorship of free speech is anti-American and does not care about the best interests of this country or its citizens. 


Once Republicans take back the White House in 2024, we might have a chance to combat this Orwellian truth censorship committee, but until then we will be forced to witness how bad this dystopian nightmare becomes. 

This is a very clear signal that the Biden Administration’s goal is not to benefit the American people. Their goal is to control the American people and extract as much power and wealth out of us as possible. We are facing an extremely powerful enemy from within.  Fear has become an acceptable response at this point.

People who support censorship of their political opponents are the biggest threat to the country right now and the Biden Administration is leading the way in this disturbing trend, seen only before in the lands of dictators and autocrats.


Politicians … such an honest bunch. Perfect people to control information and truth, right? They’d surely never lie to us. 

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